Learning Mathematics is EASY

How to do well in Maths?

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Step 1. Get rid of all those preconceived beliefs about Maths Preconceived simply means that you have formed a belief without any evidence or truth about it. Remember these statements? "I'm not good at Maths", "I don't have a Maths brain.", "I don't have a Maths gene.", I am not Maths inclined." ... and the list goes on and on and on ... If you have ever used any of these statements, delete them from your vocabulary, from your mind and from your thinking. There is extensive research and evidence that the majority of people are capable of learning the mathematical concepts...

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Learning Mathematics is EASY as 1 2 3

Learning Mathematics is EASY as 1 2 3

Authored By Carmen Popescu-Rose 1 Comment(s)

Yes ... you read it correctly: Learning Mathematics is EASY as 1 2 3. STEP 1 Understand the topic. Many students think that if they have trouble understanding a mathematical topic or skill, this means that they cannot do maths. This cannot be further from the truth. There are topics that are hard to get your head around and there are topics that are easy to understand straight away. This means that you need more explanations or you might need someone to explain that topic to you in a different way. What to do then ...? ask a friend to explain it...

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